What´s actually going on with Coloured Glasses?

What´s actually going on with Coloured Glasses?
August 24, 2017 08:46

Two New Interns have taken over

We, Marcela and Marie, are the new Coloured Glasses Interns and we are looking forward to finally do our first workshop in the end of August. Our first day at the office in the beautiful Tommerup was on 1st of August. Back in our home countries, Mexico and Germany, we have both been volunteers for YFU since our exchange years.

We are currently busy with calling schools, so that we can hit the goal, 100 workshops in this school year, as soon as possible.

We will give our best to spread the word about Intercultural Understanding and YFU all over Denmark!

The New Coloured Glasses Manual

EEE-YFU made a new Coloured Glasses Manual in 2016. It is based on current intercultural and educational theories and reflects better the newly defined YFU values and aim to develop global citizens.

It includes new simulations that we will try out in the upcoming workshops. We also introduced the new topic Human Rights. In the Simulation the participants have to organize something and we will take away certain rights. Afterwards they will have to reflect about how they felt and how important Human Rights are.

Another thing that is new and pretty cool are “Point Makers”. They are short exercises that are perfect to sum up a workshop and to create that “AHA”-moment.

If you are interested in the manual and you want to get to know more, contact us or visit the next Coloured Glasses Training for Volunteers.

The New Definition of the Coloured Glasses

…. Wait whaaat they changed it?!?!?

Every YFU Exchange Student knows the analogy of the Coloured Glasses and how they change from blue to green during the exchange year. As the educational theories changes, the Coloured Glasses also changed. Now, it’s not only the country we are born in, that defines our colour of glasses, but also our background, our friends, people we meet and everything that influences our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, our glasses change from only one shade to very colourful - and, no one on this world has glasses that are completely the same.

With Coloured Glasses Workshops we can make the Glasses of the participants even more colourful!!!